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Venture Capital & Strategy advisor for corporates, funds, angels and startups – Extensive Corporate, Startup, Strategic Consultant and Corporate Finance experience. Experience with Angel, Corporate en Public VC investing and a strong focus on customer acquisition (B2C and B2B) 2018 – Interim investment manager Delft Enterprises, Spinoffs of TU Delft 2018 – Interim investment manager UNIIQ, Proof of concept fund 2018 – Associate PIMNH, helping SME’s with investor readiness and fundraising 2018/17 – Interim investment manager ENERGIIQ, Energie-innovation fund 2017 – Strategy & Fundraising for startups a.o. Parcompare, Triggi, Nowi / Advisor YES!Delft Meet the VCs Parcompare – closed round with Mainport Innovation Fund 2016 –  Strategy & Fundraising for startups a.o. Xinaps, Parcompare / Advisor Ballast Nedam Xinaps: closed round with Enabling Technology Fund (RVO seed fund) & InnovationQuarter 2015-current – Venture partner – River Venture Partners 2014-2015 – Interim Investment Manager SanomaVentures 2012-2014 – Investment Manager Angel investor

xinaps-investmentAdvising funds, angels, corporates and startups on Venture Capital in seed & early stage. Involved in more than 12 investments  a.o. 3D Hubs (startup deal of the year 2014) and Treatwell (acquired by Wahanda). Currently fundraising for several startups, connecting them with a large range of angels and VC’s, leading to investment.

Experience in marketplaces, e-commerce, travel, media, construction tech, fintech, logistics.

>Business Strategy 2015 – de Persgroep, Programme manager Consumer Sales/Ecommerce; assessment startups 2007-2015 – Travel (Emesa, UniGlobe, ANWB), Media (Sanoma, Noordhoff Uitgevers, Emerce), Technology (Fujitsu) and for startups Advising companies on the demand side of e-commerce/customer acquisition. Finding marketing and sales channels, distribution strategies, marketing/sales budgets and models.

>Media / Travel / Technology I’ve worked for 19 years in Media and Travel industry. Always setting up new brands (sites, apps) in a commercial role (marketing/sales), with a keen focus on new technologies. Active with internet development since 1998 and mobile internet since 2000.

Ludolf Stavenga

>Helping companies I can help with Investment Management, Fundraising and E-commerce strategy & analysis. I am very keen on new developments, strong networker, manage projects strict on time and budget, good team player.

Contact me: mobile: 06-53598266 e-mail: ludolfstavenga@visitreturn.nl




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